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Forecasting and Warning Services Branch




Forecasting and Warning



Forecast Operation


Services Branch



Senior Scientific Officer : 
Mr LEE Lap-shun


Assistant Director :



(Tel. No. :  2926 8371)


Dr CHENG Cho-ming



-  Forecast and warning operations for





    the public and mariners;


(Tel. No. :  2926 8223)



-  Setting up and  management of





    weather warning systems;





-  Provision of meteorological services





    to government departments;





-  Development of forecast and





    warning service










Service Delivery





Senior Scientific Officer : 





Mr CHENG Yuen-chung, Armstrong





(Tel. No. :  2926 8358)





-  Weather information dissemination;





-  Development of weather





     information services;





-  Weather observation and reporting;





-  Automation of operations in Hong





    Kong Meteorological Centre










Forecast Development





Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr WONG Wai-kin




(Tel. No. :  2926 8416)





-  Development of nowcasting





   techniques for rainstorm and 





   hazardous weather;





-  Operation of nowcasting systems;





-  Application of numerical prediction





    products in forecast and warning










-  Application of forecast and





    nowcasting systems in support of





    special projects and events










Forecast Systems





Acting Senior Scientific Officer: 





Mr YEUNG Hon-yin





(Tel. No. :  2926 8434)





-  Meteorological operational systems;





-  Meteorological data management;





-  Development of digital forecast










-  International exchange of





    meteorological data










Information Technology










Senior Scientific Officer : 
Mr LI Sun-wai, Victor





(Tel. No. :  2926 3661)





-  Development of the departmental IT










-  E-government initiatives and





    administrative computer services;





-  Operation of computer systems and










-  Data communication






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