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This Performance Pledge outlines our services, the achievements made in 2018 and the level of performance planned for 2019. It also discusses how our performance is monitored and describes the communication channels through which you may send us your suggestions or feedback on our services.

 The Hong Kong Observatory Headquarters
The Hong Kong Observatory Headquarters


Vision, Mission and Values


Be a model of excellence in protecting lives and building together a better society through science.



To provide people-oriented quality services in meteorology and related fields, and to enhance the society's capability in natural disaster prevention and response, through science, innovation and partnership.



S erve 竭誠服務
C are 用心關懷
I nnovate 靈活創新
E nthuse 熱誠不懈
N urture 培育傳承
C ollaborate 群策群力
E xcel 追求卓越
Innovate with Science, Serve with Heart


Our Services

Weather Services

The aim is to provide weather forecasts and issue warnings to the public, the shipping and aviation communities, and different sectors of the society in order to reduce loss of life and damage to property, and minimise disruptions to economic and social activities during inclement weather.

Operating around the clock, our Central Forecasting Office and Airport Meteorological Office are responsible for the preparation and dissemination of weather information, forecasts and various warnings on inclement weather to the public, marine and aviation communities. We also promote public awareness of, and community preparedness for, natural disasters.

Forecasters at the Central Forecasting Office
Forecasters provide the public with up-to-date weather information and forecasts in the Central Forecasting Office

Aviation forecasters at the Airport Meteorological Office
Aviation forecasters keeping a vigilant watch at the Airport Meteorological Office


Time Standard, Geophysical, Astronomical and Climatological Information Services

The aim is to maintain the Hong Kong Standard Time and to provide geophysical, oceanographic, astronomical and climatological information to the public.

We maintain the Hong Kong Standard Time and provide time signals for the public. We prepare, collate and provide geophysical, oceanographic and climatological information required for planning, engineering design and environmental impact assessments. We monitor earthquakes, tsunami and the sea-level and release related information to the public. We also keep abreast of research and development on international issues such as global climate change and advise the public and government departments on likely implications.


Radiation Monitoring and Assessment

The aim is to provide information on environmental radiation levels in Hong Kong and advise government departments on the protective actions to take in the unlikely event of a nuclear incident.

We monitor ambient radiation levels in Hong Kong and conduct radiological measurements of air, soil, water and food samples. In the event of a nuclear emergency, we shall notify and advise government departments on the possible consequences in Hong Kong and recommend protective action. We organise training and exercises on radiation monitoring for other government departments involved in the Hong Kong contingency plan for nuclear emergencies.


Performance Monitoring and Improvement

We use various means to gauge the satisfaction level of our existing service and to pursue continuous improvement. These include public opinion surveys, objective weather forecast verification, adoption of a quality management system, customer liaison groups, and liaison with "Friends of the Observatory". Customers are also welcome to express their comments on our services through various channels, including telephone, fax and email.


Opinion Surveys

Each year we commission an independent market research company to conduct surveys regularly to gauge the public's perception of the accuracy of our forecasts, and the level of satisfaction with the overall service we have provided. The results of the survey conducted in 2018 indicated that on the average, the public considered 78% of the weather forecasts issued were accurate (Figure 1), and gave a score of 7.7 (out of 10) for the Observatory's overall service (Figure 2).

Figure 1
Figure 1 Percentage of forecasts perceived as accurate by the public 


Figure 2
Figure 2 The public's satisfaction level with the overall services of the Observatory
(on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being completely satisfied)

We also conduct surveys at regular intervals to gauge the perception of the accuracy of forecasts provided to special users.


Objective Verification

We also verify the accuracy of our weather forecasts by means of an objective marking scheme (Figure 3).

Figure 3
Figure 3 Percentage of accurate weather forecasts as verified by our objective marking scheme


Quality Management

The Observatory is committed to provide quality services. The Observatory has been certified to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems for various areas of services, indicating international recognition of the quality management of these services.


Customer Liaison Groups

Customer liaison groups from different sectors such as transport, logistics, fishery, shipping, aviation and broadcast media meet regularly with us to offer opinions and suggestions to the services we provide. The meetings also discuss opportunities for further service improvements.

Friends of the Observatory

The "Friends of the Observatory" is a public group interested in our work. It serves to foster better communication between the Observatory and the community. Members of the public are welcome to join the group, membership of which is free and open. Since its establishment in 1996, the number of members has over 13,000. From time to time, members of "Friends of the Observatory" are invited to join focus groups meetings to offer suggestions to new services and products. Comments and ideas of members have been useful in identifying the needs of the public, which often result in service enhancements. 

Volunteer helpers photographed with the Director at the end of the 2019 Open Day
The Director photographed with volunteers of "Friends of the Observatory"  and HKO's staff at the end of the Open Day 2019

Targets and Achievements

Our targets for our major services as well as our achievement in 2018 and planned achievement for 2019 are given below:



Our efforts to provide the best possible service have gained recognition both locally and internationally. The list of the awards we received in 2018 can be found in


We Welcome Your Suggestions and Feedback

Your suggestions and feedback on our services are invaluable to us. Please send them to us at:


Hong Kong Observatory Headquarters
134A Nathan Road
    Fax: 2311 9448


Complaints Handling

We strive to achieve our performance standards and targets but there might be occasions beyond our control leading to a less-than-satisfactory performance. If you require an explanation on such occasions, you may write to or telephone:

    Complaints Officer
    Hong Kong Observatory
    134A Nathan Road
    Tel: 2926 8468 (office hours)
    Email :

All complaints will be dealt with expeditiously. We strive to acknowledge receipt of a written complaint within 10 calendar days, and to send a substantive reply within 30 calendar days after receipt of a complaint. Should you be dissatisfied with the way your case has been dealt with, you may appeal for a review through writing to the following officer:

    Senior Complaints Officer
    Hong Kong Observatory
    134A Nathan Road
    Email :

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