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You are welcome to obtain information from the website of the Hong Kong Observatory. Please note that the authorization for reproducing or re-disseminating the Hong Kong Observatory's information is granted free-of-charge on the following conditions:
  1. Such information is for NON-COMMERCIAL use (i.e. not for selling or exchange for benefit, gain, profit or reward in this context).
  2. Acknowledgement is given to the Hong Kong Observatory as the source of information.
  3. Such information must be reproduced accurately.
Points to note:
  1. The authorization only applies to the use of those information prepared by the Hong Kong Observatory and owned by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  2. The Authorization is non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable.
  3. The applicant / authorized person may need to provide draft, layout, demonstration and direct access to the displayed information at the request of the Hong Kong Observatory.
  4. The authorized person should provide an UPDATE to the Hong Kong Observatory via email ( if there are changes in his/her information supplied to the Hong Kong Observatory.
  5. The Hong Kong Observatory shall have full rights to revoke any granted authorization. Revocation of the authorization shall be considered under but not limited to the following situations: 
    1. The authorized person has failed to comply with the aforementioned conditions. 
    2. The authorized person has supplied any false information in his/her application for the authorization.
    3. The authorized person does not inform the Hong Kong Observatory of the changes in the information supplied.
    4. The authorized person re-disseminates the Hong Kong Observatory's information in a false, incomplete or misleading way.
  6. The authorized person should not reproduce or re-disseminate information from the Hong Kong Observatory website after revocation of the authorization.

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For any other applications or enquiries, please contact the Hong Kong Observatory by e-mail ( or fax (2311 9448).
Last revision date: <02 Jan 2013>