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Significant Weather Information (SIGMET)

The Airport Meteorological Office is responsible for monitoring hazardous weather and phenomena in the atmosphere that may affect the safety of aircraft operations within a designated airspace over the northern part of the South China Sea. Weather forecasters at the Airport Meteorological Office issues SIGMET information when hazardous weather and phenomena in the atmosphere such as thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, turbulence, icing occur or are expected to occur in the airspace.

The latest significant weather information
issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at 07:08 HKT on 19 Jun 18

VHHK SIGMET 5 VALID 182310/190310 VHHH- VHHK HONG KONG FIR EMBD TS FCST WI N2312 E11730 - N2106 E11654 - N2054 E11530 - N2300 E11524 - N2400 E11730 - N2312 E11730 TOP FL480 MOV NE 05KT WKN=

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