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How are the monitoring results processed and the nuclear accident consequences assessed?

Data collected by the HKO Headquaters include:
  1. environmental radiation levels in the vicinity of the nuclear power stations and information of the magnitude of the radiological release provided by Guangdong authority;
  2. environmental radiation levels at the fixed radiation monitoring stations and designated fire stations in Hong Kong;
  3. spatial distribution of environmental radiation levels obtained from Aerial Monitoring System and Mobile Radiation Monitoring Station;
  4. environmental radiation levels from the Automatic Gamma Spectrometry System at Ping Chau in Mirs Bay;
  5. activity concentrations of radionuclides in foodstuff and drinking water samples;
  6. spectrometry measurement results of environmental samples; and
  7. meteorological information.

The HKO operates an Accident Consequence Assessment System (ACAS). Using information of the source term (information on the magnitude of the radiological release, including the amounts, types and ratios of the released radioactive materials) and meteorological conditions, the ACAS models the transport and dispersion of the released radioactive materials and predicts the radiation dose to the public.

Based on the results of radiation monitoring and ACAS simulation, the HKO will, in consultation with Department of Health and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, advise the Emergency Monitoring and Support Centre (EMSC) of the Security Bureau on necessary countermeasures.

To increase the efficiency of emergency radiation monitoring and assessment, the HKO has developed an "Emergency Radiation Data Management System (ERDMS)" to archive, process and display data and information. Apart from the HKO, other key technical support departments under the Daya Bay Contingency Plan (i.e. Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Department of Health), as well as EMSC are connected to this system for information and tools to facilitate the decision making process.

Emergency Radiation Data Management System

Emergency Radiation Data Management System

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