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FoOb committee

The FoOb committee is comprised of experienced FoOb volunteers to help the Observatory organise various public education activities.

 Figure 1

Members of Committee 2014-2017

Miss Yam Kwan Mei  Mr Poon Lai Shun Mr Lau Ho Tai
Mr Kwan Koon Wah Miss Huen Lai Shan Mr Kwok Ka Lui
Miss Wong Pui Shan Mr Leung Man Kit Mr Sun Yiu Cheung
Miss Leung Mei Sheung Miss Au Chun Yan Miss Ng Yim Mei
Mr Kwong Wai Lung Mr Lee Yue Chung Miss Tong Pok Yue

 Figure 2
The Observatory staff and FoOb committee members work closely together to organise various public education activities.

Voluntary docents

Voluntary docents are important helpers of the “Guild Tour of the Hong Kong Observatory”. They guide visitors who joined the tour around the Observatory. All qualified voluntary docents are required to complete a docent training programme and pass related examinations.

Figure 3
The Voluntary Docent Training Programme for "Guild Tour of the Hong Kong Observatory"

Figure 4
Voluntary docent guides visitors around the Observatory Headquarters

Volunteers of the FoOb

Volunteers of the FoOb offer great behind-the-scene support to the Observatory in organising various public education activities such as "Mountaineering Festivals", "The Hong Kong Observatory Open Day", "Science in the Public Service (SIPS) Exhibitions", "Mountaineering Safety Promotion Day", etc.

Figure 5
The Observatory conducts "Volunteer Briefing" for FoOb members who are interested to join the volunteer team

Figure 6
Behind the scene support from volunteers from "Friends of the Observatory" in the Open Day