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  • KMA delegation visited the Observatory (8.12.2015)

  • Friday, 18th December 2015

The Administrator of Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), Dr Ko Yunhwa, led a 5-member delegation to visit the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) on 8th December. Dr Ko and Mr Shun Chi-ming, the Director of the HKO, officiated at the launching ceremony of Korean-language version of World Weather Information Service website (link to the corresponding press release: Built on the Memorandum of Understanding between KMA and HKO signed in 2012, the two organizations discussed furthering the co-operation and experience sharing in various areas including aviation services, satellite data analysis, numerical weather prediction, etc.

The delegation was particularly interested in the use of a fixed-wing aircraft to collect real-time meteorological data from tropical cyclones, a collaboration between HKO and the Government Flying Service (GFS). The delegation, accompanied by the HKO staff, visited GFS Headquarters at the Hong Kong International Airport to learn about the process of collecting tropical cyclone data in Hong Kong from the pilots and technicians. The delegation also visited the Airport Meteorological Office and a Light Detection and Ranging System to learn more about wind shear and turbulence monitoring and alerting by the HKO.

Figure 1
Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr Shun Chi-ming (third left in the front row), the Administrator of Korea Meteorological Administration, Dr Ko Yunhwa (fourth left in the front row) and the delegates and the Observatory staff photographed at the Observatory Headquarters.
Figure 2
Dr Ko visited the Observatory’s TV Studio and tried his hand as a TV Weather presenter.