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  • Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2019

  • Thursday, 4th April 2019

Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) Open Day 2019 was held on 23-24 March with nearly 12,000 visitors attending the event. The theme of Open Day adopted this year's World Meteorological Day theme of "The Sun, the Earth and the Weather".

HKO also organised "Talk on Extreme Weather" (the Talk) on the World Meteorological Day on 23 March. The Talk attracted around 600 members of the public, including uniform and underprivileged groups. It aims at weather cross-overring with art to bring out the messages of disaster preparedness and climate change. The activity started with live performance by sand painting artist Hoi Chiu regarding Typhoon Wanda, following with the Talk given by the Director of the HKO, Mr Shun Chi-ming, sharing the influence brought by climate change. On that day, the new song "Climate and Life" on climate change, jointly produced by the HKO and local singer Mr Albert Au, was launched. The Talk had also been live broadcasted through the HKO Facebook page, the first-ever event of HKO with this arrangement. After the Talk, the award ceremony of the "1-Minute Weather" Time-lapse Video Competition, organised by the HKO and supported by Facebook, was held alongside.

The exhibition at the HKO Headquarters introduced information about space weather and showcased how the HKO applies advanced technology to provide various services including weather forecasting, aviation weather, microclimate monitoring and radiation monitoring. During the Open Day, Mr Shun attended autograph sessions and posed for photos with visitors, while HKO TV weather presenters gave live demonstration of weather reporting. Several partner organisations joined the Open Day this year. They include the Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute introduced their survival kit, also known as "Bug-out Bag" in the event of a disaster; China Light and Power promoted energy saving tips; and students from School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong introduced their works which combine science and art. Apart from HKO colleagues, over 90 volunteers from "Friends of the Observatory" offered support and assistance as goodwill ambassadors in warmly greeting the visitors.

Recording of talk on extreme weather (Chinese only):

Music video of the new song "Climate and Life" (Chinese only):

Highlights on HKO Open Day:

Photo 1
Group photo of talk on extreme weather, with Mr Shun Chi-ming, Director of the HKO (7th from left of the front row) photographing with the local singer Mr Albert Au (8th from left of the front row)
Photo 2
The Director’s autograph session photographing with a little fans
Photo 3
Behind-the-scene Open Day support from HKO colleagues and "Friends of the Observatory" volunteers