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  • Fishermen associations visited the Observatory

  • Friday, 3rd August 2018

The Hong Kong Observatory has long been striving for better weather services for the fishermen. On 1 August 2018, representatives of Hong Kong Fishery Alliance and Hong Kong Fishermen Consortium paid a visit to the Observatory headquarters, in particular the Central Forecasting Office, to understand the operation of the Observatory. The Observatory staff explained how to make better use of the Observatory's weather information on the Internet, enabling them to understand the latest weather situations in Hong Kong and adjacent areas before their operations.

The participants actively expressed valuable opinions openly and generously during the visits, facilitating the Observatory to enhance weather services for fishermen in the future. They also appraised the weather information provided by the Observatory, which aid them planning their operation schedule ahead, enhancing safety and efficiency of their operation.

Figure 1
Fishermen associations visiting the Observatory's Central Forecasting Office.
Figure 2
The Observatory staff collecting valuable opinions on weather services from the fishermen.