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  • The Observatory provided training in severe weather forecast techniques and support services to counterparts in Southeast Asia

  • Monday, 25th February 2019

At the invitation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Mr WONG Wai-kin, Senior Scientific Officer of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), visited Vientiane, the Lao People's Democratic Republic (hereinafter Laos) during 19 - 23 February to serve as an expert lecturer of the training workshop under the "Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project" (SWFDP) - Regional Subproject for Southeast Asia on severe weather forecasting. More than 30 forecasters from the National Early Warning Centre, aeronautical division and regional offices of Laos, as well as those from Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam attended the workshop.

It was the first time that the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) of Laos organized SWFDP training workshop. Mr Wong Wai-kin delivered lectures on radar and satellite nowcasting, use of numerical weather prediction models and verification methods. He also introduced products and development of the Observatory's Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre for Nowcasting, and related supports in the regional aviation weather services. The workshop included several practical sessions and discussions. The trainees were actively participating in the workshop to gain understanding of the challenges and forecasting techniques of severe weather processes.

Figure 1
Mr WONG Wai-kin, Senior Scientific Officer of HKO (third from left in the front row), Mr Khanmany Khounphonh, Director-General of DMH, Laos (fifth from left in the front row), Mr Ata Hussain, Scientific Officer of the WMO Global Data Processing and Forecasting Systems Division (sixth from left in the front row) taking a group photo with other participants of the training workshop.
Figure 2
Mr WONG Wai-kin lectured on satellite nowcasting and discussed issues in forecast process of severe weather with the participants.