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Tropical Cyclone

Tropical Cyclone Warning System for Hong Kong

Classification of Tropical Cyclones  
Hong Kong's Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals  
  Pamphlet on Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals (PDF file)  
  Precautionary Measures when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals are in force  
  Related Advisory Information and Arrangements from Bureaux and Departments in Tropical Cyclone Situations  
  Reference for the Issue of No.3 and No.8 Signals  
  Regional Wind Information  

Tropical Cyclone Names in the western North Pacific and the South China Sea with effect from 1 January 2015

Historical Information
Review of the Tropical Cyclone Warning System in 2006 and New Measures since 2007 (PDF file)  
History of the Hong Kong Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals  
History of the Tropical Cyclone Signal Stations in Hong Kong  
History of the Aeronautical Meteorological Station and Signal Station at Cheung Chau  

Past Tropical Cyclone Names in the Western North Pacific and the South China Sea








2004 - 2005

2002 - 2003

2000 - 2001

1996 - 1999

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