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HKO Computer Forecast Weather Map


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Forecast Weather Map
The gray scale indicates the height of the cloud top. The higher the cloud top, the brighter it will appear in the image.
The colour scale indicates the rainfall amount. The green areas indicate rainfall reaching 0.5mm but less than 10mm in the past 6 hours leading up to the Valid Time, whereas the yellow areas indicate rainfall reaching 10mm or above.
These prognostic charts start updating at 03 HKT, 09 HKT, 15 HKT, 21 HKT everyday.

The computer forecast weather maps are generated by the Observatory's computer model directly without manual adjustment and the forecast weather conditions described in the products may be different from that in the weather forecasts issued by the Observatory. For a full assessment of the weather situation, the public should refer to the forecasts issued by the Observatory and/or the respective local meteorological authorities.

Please refer to the following forecasts/bulletins by relevant meteorological authorities -

Hong Kong:

For other Asian cities:

For other world cities:
Last revision date: <28 Apr 2015>