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  • Very Cold Weather Afflicted Hong Kong

  • Sunday, 24th January 2016

An intense cold surge is bringing very cold weather to Hong Kong today (24 January 2016). A rain band moved to the territory at 4 am and brought rain to the region. The rain also brought the temperature down further to 3 to 4 degrees in the urban area and a couple of degrees lower in the New Territories. The lowest temperature recorded at the Observatory this morning (up to 11 am) was 3.3 degrees, which is the ninth lowest on record and is also the lowest since 1957.

As the temperatures on high ground stayed below the freezing point, freezing rain and icing occurred. Meanwhile, temperatures around Hong Kong were also general on the low side. Some ice pellets aloft did not melt before reaching the ground and there was occasions of rain with small ice pellets.

The northerly winds associated with the intense cold surge will continue to affect Hong Kong. It will remain very cold tomorrow. Temperatures in the urban area will be in the region of 4 degrees while those in the northern part of the New Territories will be close to zero degree. Sub-zero temperatures are still expected on high ground. Cold weather will persist into Wednesday (27 January).

It is very cold and windy with significant wind chill effect in Hong Kong. People are advised to put on warm clothes and to avoid prolonged exposure to wintry winds in order to avoid adverse health effects. Public should be aware of slippery road, particularly on icy road on high ground.

Figure 1
Icing at Tai Mo Shan.