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  • Update of "MyObservatory" on iOS and Android Platforms

  • Tuesday, 20th June 2017

The Observatory launched a new version of its mobile app "MyObservatory" for iOS (v5.5) and Android (v4.8) platforms today (20 Jun 2017) to enhance its meteorological satellite imagery services, providing more variety of timely and vivid satellite imageries for users.

Black and white visible satellite imageris are replaced by true colour images, which are generated from images in red, green and blue channels. Meanwhile, a new product namely Deep Convection, which highlights affected regions in red, is added to enable users to easily identify regions with potential severe weather such as thunderstorm on the imageries. Furthermore, the satellite images are updated more frequently and are available in higher resolution covering three different domains, viz. Eastern Asia, Southern China, Guangdong coast.

The "MyObservatory" is a free app. Users are welcome to download at the following links (iOS, Android).

Figure: MyObservatory provides more satellite images