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  • "MyObservatory" Features Longer Range Weather Forecast

  • Thursday, 7th December 2017

The Observatory launched new versions of “MyObservatory” for iOS (v5.6) and Android (v4.9) platforms today (7 Dec 2017), featuring trial products of “Extended Outlook” and “Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast”.

The “Extended Outlook” provides probability forecasts of daily minimum and maximum temperatures for the next 14 days, and is shown on the left-most page of the app’s home screen. It is presented in time series with different colours indicating the probability of occurrence of temperatures and showing the temperature trend in the coming 2 weeks.

The “Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast” provides the probability of tropical cyclone track in coming 9 days, enabling members of the public to appraise the trend of tropical cyclone movement. This product will be automatically generated after the Observatory issues a tropical cyclone track, and can be accessed inside the “Storm Track” function of the app.

The "MyObservatory" is a free app. Users are welcome to download at the following links (iOS, Android).

Figure 1
Figure: “Extended Outlook” (left) and “Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast” on MyObservatory (right)