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  • The Observatory launches trial service on “Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast”

  • Monday, 21st August 2017

The Hong Kong Observatory launched a beta version of the new “Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast” service today (21 August). It provides the probability of tropical cyclone track in coming 9 days. This enables members of public to appraise the trend of tropical cyclone movement and be better prepared as early as possible.

The “Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast” will be automatically generated after the issuance of the “Tropical Cyclone Track and Position” information by the Observatory for a new tropical cyclone. The “Track Probability Forecast Map” on the webpage is automatically generated by computer using data from ensemble prediction system of weather forecast models without manual adjustment, and will be updated once a day around noon.

Members of the public can get access to the “Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast” (Beta) webpage from HKO’s homepage, or via the following links: (desktop version) (mobile version)

The “Track Probability Forecast Map” will be made available on “MyObservatory” mobile app later.

Figure 1