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Tropical Cyclone Warning for Shipping

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Bulletin issued at 06:30 HKT 19/Nov/2017

Tropical Cyclone Warning

At 182100 UTC, Tropical Depression Kirogi (1725) with central pressure 998 hectopascals was centred within 90 nautical miles of one one point two degrees north (11.2 N) one one zero point nine degrees east (110.9 E) and is forecast to move west at about 10 knots for the next 24 hours.

Maximum winds near the centre are estimated to be 30 knots.

Radius of over 2 metre waves 60 nautical miles.

Forecast position and intensity at 192100 UTC
Dissipated over land.

The Hong Kong Observatory's tropical cyclone warnings for shipping are issued about one and a half hours after the time of observation. They incorporate additional information derived from surface and upper-air data and may therefore be slightly different from the real-time satellite or radar-based positions given in the hourly bulletins for public.

While the forecast positions and track indicate the most likely future path of the tropical cyclone, they may deviate from the actual path taken by the storm.

Tropical Cyclone Track