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UV Radiation Information

UV radiation observation

Today's UVA radiation intensity

UVA radiation intensity measured at
the King's Park Meteorological Station

UVA radiation intensity graph

(1) UVA radiation intensity is measured in watt per square metre (W/m2), which shows the average radiant power received per square metre.

(2) For details about the characteristics of UVA, its health effects and related protective, please refer to the Information on UVA radiation webpage.
(3) UVA radiation intensity will vary with time. In general, it will be highest around noon and the intensity in summer will be higher than that in winter. Please click here for the mean daily maximum value and range of daily maximum UVA intensity in different months.
(4) Click here for today's UV Index.

(5) The data displayed is provisional. Only limited data validation has been carried out.
Last revision date: <07 Oct 2014>