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Forecasting and Warning Services Branch

Forecasting and Warning Services Branch


Forecasting and Warning Services Branch

Acting Assistant Director :
Mr CHENG Yuen-chung, Armstrong
(Tel. No. : 2926 8223)

Forecast Operation

Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr YEUNG Hon-yin
(Tel. No. : 2926 8371)
Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr HON Kai-kwong
(Tel. No. : 2926 1778)
Acting Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr HE Yuheng
(Tel. No. : 2926 8331)
Acting Senior Scientific Officer :
Dr CHAN Siu-wai
(Tel. No. : 2926 8024)

- Forecast and warning operations for the public and mariners;
- Setting up and management of weather warning systems;
- Provision of meteorological services to government departments;
- Development of forecast and warning service;
- Provision of forecasting services on high-impact extreme weather and extended weather outlook;
- Development and operation of numerical prediction systems

Service Delivery

Acting Senior Scientific Officer :
Dr TAM Hiu-ching
(Tel. No. : 2926 8358)

- Weather information dissemination;
- Development of weather information services;
- Weather observation and reporting;
- Automation of operations in Hong Kong Meteorological Centre

Forecast Development

Senior Scientific Officer :
Mr WONG Wai-kin
(Tel. No. : 2926 8416)

- Development of nowcasting techniques for rainstorm and hazardous weather;
- Operation of nowcasting systems;
- Application of numerical prediction products in forecast and warning services;
- Application of forecast and nowcasting systems in support of special projects and events

Forecast Systems

Senior Scientific Officer :
Dr PAN Chi-kin
(Tel. No. : 2926 8357)

- Meteorological operational systems;
- Meteorological data management;
- Development of digital forecast service;
- International exchange of meteorological data