Gregorian/Lunar Calendar
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Periods during which sustained strong winds were attained at the eight reference anemometers in the tropical cyclone warning system when tropical cyclone warning signals for Barijat were in force

Station Start time when strong wind
speed* was attained
End time when strong wind
speed* was attained
Date/Month Time Date/Month Time
Cheung Chau 12/9 14:48 12/9 21:54

The sustained wind speed did not attain strong force at the Hong Kong International Airport, Kai Tak, Sha Tin, Lau Fau Shan, Sai Kung, Ta Kwu Ling and Tsing Yi Shell Oil Depot.
* 10-minute mean wind speed of 41-62 km/h
Note: The table gives the start and end time of sustained strong winds. Winds might fluctuate above or below the specified wind speeds in between the times indicated.